Taylor Avakian

Taylor Avakian

1st Vice President
License: #02060040

Taylor Avakian stands as one of LA’s preeminent commercial real estate brokers, specializing in multifamily properties. His remarkable success in the industry is defined by unwavering tenacity, profound industry knowledge, and an unyielding dedication to excellence. As the Founder of TAG (The Apartment Group), Taylor is on a mission to disrupt the commercial real estate brokerage business through innovative technology, unparalleled client services, and creative problem-solving for everyday apartment owners’ challenges.

Fueled by an innate drive to gain knowledge and deliver competitive advantages for investors, Taylor has not only embraced the challenges of the rapidly changing industry but has consistently led the pack. His career highlights include valuing over 500 apartment buildings in Los Angeles, setting property sale pricing records, and being a sought-after speaker at some of the top universities in the country, sharing insights about Commercial Real Estate. In his 5 years in the industry (since 2018), he has closed over $200M in deals.

With a focus on multifamily real estate and commercial property transactions, Taylor has become a consistently top-ranked contributor in the Southern California Housing Market. His innovative approach and commitment to client success make him the only choice for those seeking to sell their property or looking to invest in Los Angeles real estate.

At the core of TAG (The Apartment Group) is a commitment to innovative technology, extra-mile client services, and creative problem-solving. Taylor goes beyond traditional real estate practices, providing clients with a unique and forward-thinking approach.

Taylor draws inspiration from iconic figures like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, Seneca, Anthony Demello, and Andrew Carnegie, and his dedication to continuous improvement is evident in his daily routine, waking up at 4:30 AM to study the market and identify opportunities for his clients. As a self-proclaimed human optimization nerd, Taylor thrives on sharpening his mind and body to their limits. His tenacity, industry knowledge, and dedication to excellence directly translate into tangible benefits for clients, ensuring every action prioritizes creating substantial value.Through personalized strategies and a client-centric approach, he consistently achieves remarkable outcomes. 

Looking ahead, Taylor Avakian’s mission is to lead the #1 CRE brokerage team in the country by production volume. His vision extends beyond transactions; he aims to inspire others to pursue their aspirations boldly, step out of the ordinary, and leave a lasting impact on the industry and beyond.




Taylor's Track Record