1459 W Parade St, Long Beach, CA 90810

1459 W Parade St, Long Beach, CA 90810

Long Beach, CA

Property Description

The subject property consists of two (2) 3BR/2BA, one (1) 2BR/1BA and one (1) 1BR/1BA units. The building was originally configured as 6 units and was legally permitted into 4 large units. The building comes with 4 parking spaces and an on-site laundry room. Units come with tiled floors, upgraded sinks, and toilets in bathrooms, and large gated and secure outdoor space for tenant enjoyment. There are 5 avocado trees, One lime tree, and a guava tree on the property.

Property Features

  • Sale Price: $740,000
  • Area Size: 3,715 SF
  • Year Built: 1957
  • Closing Date: 10/9/2015
  • Units: 4
  • Current Cap Rate: 5.17%
  • Market Cap Rate: 5.9%

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