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Water-Friendly Landscaping

  • October 27, 2015
  • News
Water-Friendly Landscaping


Being water-conscious is a responsibility shared by everyone in LA. One of the quickest ways to dramatically decrease your water consumption is through your landscaping. It can be hard to let go of that lush, green lawn, but rest assured that there are plenty of options available that will be equally attractive, but require much less maintenance.


For large areas of ground coverage, you can try gravel, rocks, stepping stones, permeable hardscaping, or even wood chips. In many parts of Los Angeles, you can apply for the Cash for Grass Rebate Program, which rewards residents who transition their lawn to a more water-friendly option. This program is currently inactive because of its overwhelming popularity and lack of funding, but will begin accepting applications again starting July 1, 2016.

Oh, and good news for those of you who still can’t bear the thought of not having a grassy lawn…there are several artificial turf manufacturers, and many of the newer versions are strikingly life-like. The grass can now be greener on your side of the fence. Check out SynLawn – they have such a wide variety of artificial grass products, you are bound to find at least a few that would suit your needs!



Environmentally sound gardening is actually much simpler than you might think. By filling your yard with plants native to the area, maintenance is practically zero. Those specific plants have evolved over the years to thrive in this specific region and live in harmony with the local weather, insects, animals, and neighboring plants, making them very easy to care for. Check out this list of top native plants for gardening in Southern California, courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens. Who says native plants can’t be pretty?


Converting your landscaping to be more water-conscious shouldn’t sound like a daunting task. With so many options available, there is no doubt you’ll find something you love that won’t take a toll on our environment – or your water bill!