This City is About to Become Very Popular

  • October 16, 2015
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This City is About to Become Very Popular


Los Angeles, being such a massive and dynamic region, naturally experiences periodic ebbs and flows of popularity throughout its neighborhoods. In the real estate market, it’s seemingly a race to see who can get to the hot spots first. Luckily for us, there are a few telltale signs that an area will be increasing in value in the future – and right now, the city surrounding the Hollywood Park Project is looking to be our new favorite place. Yes, Inglewood: The City of Champions.


The 20-year rumor that the NFL is coming back to LA continues on with yet another development project to build a football stadium. This construction event is proposing to build a multi-purpose center housing a football stadium, retail and office space, a performing arts theater, a movie theater, a boutique hotel, and even housing units. It’s designed to house two NFL teams, and the top contenders to take charge of this field are the Rams, the Chargers, and the Raiders.

city of champions hks

Set back from the beach and miles south of the downtown action, Inglewood is one of LA’s quieter cities now that the Hollywood Park Racetrack has been shut down. But this is all going to change once this entertainment giant pops up. Construction will be accelerated in eager anticipation of the incoming football players, so assuming everything goes smoothly, the “City of Champions Revitalization Project” hopes to be completed by the end of 2018.

Now, for the real estate market in the area, prices have just begun to rise. This mean it’s an optimal time to make moves, for both buyers and sellers. For those looking to purchase, the newly rising prices are a great sign that the property values will continue to increase in the near future – meaning you’ll likely get a great deal on your property. For our sellers, the high demand from buyers ensures that you can get your property sold swiftly and easily, and generally for close to (or even more than) your listing price. Win-win situation for both parties.


If investing in hot new neighborhoods is your thing, Inglewood just might be your best bet in the upcoming couple of years!  Let Lyon Stahl help you make an investment choice that’s right for you.