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New Vice Presidents and Visionary Award Winner

  • November 20, 2018
  • News
New Vice Presidents and Visionary Award Winner

We are pleased and eager to announce two new agents, Johnnie Stiegler, and Cameron Samimi, to earn the title of Vice President at Lyon Stahl! Their hard work and passion for the trade have allowed them both to grow and maintain success at a tremendous rate! Their drive and commitment to their clients inspire us all! We are grateful to have them a part of the Lyon Stahl team and look forward to the growing success they will continue to attract.

Johnnie Stiegler

Johnnie is not new to success and achievement. He holds three Lyon Stahl Awards under his belt, the High Velocity, Top Producer, and Alpha Mail awards and continues to strive for more. Growing up in Manhattan Beach, Johnnie is an expert of the area and specializes in selling multi-family properties throughout the South Bay communities. Coming from a sales and finance background, Johnnie found his true passion for real estate in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. His adherence and loyalty to his clients have allowed him to achieve at great heights!

Humbled by the title, Johnnie considers it motivation to continue to strive towards excellence. Johnnie is a participates in the Lyon Stahl training program as a mentor to a junior agent. He acts as a coach to new agents getting started in their careers providing them with guidance.

Cameron Samimi

Cameron comes from a background of real estate, with many of his family members being real estate investors. Cameron took on the family enthusiasm for real estate at an early age and began buying properties independently shortly after college. Cameron has continued his career in the industry as a real estate syndicator before joining Lyon Stahl in 2017. Earning the Rookie of the Year award, Cameron began to build his success from his first year with the team. His energetic nature and eagerness have allowed him to grow immensely, earning him the title of Vice President only after two years with Lyon Stahl!

Cameron regularly aims to provide the best possible service for his clients by maximizing the value of properties for sellers and finding the highest cash-flow assets for his buyers.

Visionary Award

Additionally, we’d like to congratulate our newest Visionary Award recipient, Molly First!

The Visionary Award is presented to any new agent that is disciplined enough to reach certain milestones within their first six months at Lyon Stahl. Requirements include reaching milestones related to prospecting, listing appointments, listings, escrows, and closings.

The Visionary Award is a representation of the agent’s adherence towards achievement and success. The Lyon Stahl awards incentivize agents to continue to work towards success and advance their careers in the real estate industry.

Molly joined Lyon Stahl as an inside sales associate and is now an associate agent. Molly first joined Lyon Stahl with the goal of earning the Visionary Award by the end of the year. Her enthusiastic nature and passion for sales and communication helped her reach her goal! Molly is excited about her future at Lyon Stahl and is confident that Lyon Stahl will continue to provide her with the support to excel herself in the real estate investment world.