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Lyon Stahl’s Training

  • October 24, 2018
  • News
Lyon Stahl’s Training

For new agents, there are many difficult and intimidating components to the industry, specifically when it comes to multi-family real estate investment and the process involved with buying and selling apartment buildings or any multi-family properties. Consequently, Lyon Stahl provides their agents with a comprehensive training program which combines training classes, mentorships, and the latest resources and technologies to ease the transition into real estate, allowing agents to learn and grow as quickly as possible. We believe that proper training is a necessary foundation for an agent’s success and we’re confident in Lyon Stahl’s program to propel our agents towards their highest potentials.

Lyon Stahl Jr. Program
The Lyon Stahl Jr. Program pairs new agents with experienced senior associates to mentor them through their first couple transactions as agents, giving them a chance to gain insight directly from leaders in the industry. Rather than learning on the job through independent trial and error, new agents can skip straight to the source and learn from professionals who have already done the legwork, guaranteeing the highest potential for growth and success. The senior associate acts as a coach and an outlet for the junior to ask questions regarding any of the processes involved with buying and selling properties as well as helping them understand the abundant amount of required paperwork. The mentor is responsible for walking the junior through each step of the process. Ultimately, the junior learns how to position themselves as real estate experts within their chosen

Lyon Stahl Training Classes
The real estate field requires continuous learning to keep pace with the ever-evolving industry, requiring agents to maintain a well-rounded set of skills to be able to best serve their clients’ needs. For this reason, Lyon Stahl provides new agents with commercial real estate training classes three times a week to keep up with the quickly expanding industry. The training classes cover topics ranging from managing transactions, marketing, and lead coordination to prospecting. Agents also learn how to utilize Lyon Stahl’s unique database as efficiently and effectively as possible. The classes allow agents to share ideas and collaborate with fellow real estate professionals to learn different techniques and ultimately enhancing their own methods.

Lyon Stahl Training Program
New agent training is a 12-week program that allows agents to gain the skills necessary to establish themselves within the industry. The program requires new agents to meet with their mentors weekly to cover a new chapter of the Agent Training Handbook. New agents are expected to come having read a chapter of the handbook and have questions ready about the chapter to go over with their mentor. The Agent Training Handbook covers topics ranging from business planning and prospecting to understanding contracts and disclosures, all topics necessary to being a well-rounded agent ready to serve clients. Agents are also expected to come to the training session having completed a Goal Sheet that tracks the agents goals as well as strengths and traits that they need improvement on, forcing agents to maintain accountability fort their progress.

Lyon Stahl presents our highest achieving agents with annual awards as an acknowledgment of their success and an incentive for our team to grow and produce at their highest capacity. Agents are encouraged to choose an award they aim to obtain at the beginning of the year and ultimately work towards that goal throughout their time here. Awards include the Rookie of the Year Award, presented to a first year agent based on Annual Gross Commission, the Alpha Mail Award, awarded to the agent with the most mail pieces sent out that year, and many more.