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Lyon Stahl closes on $1 billion in deals!

  • November 20, 2018
  • News
Lyon Stahl closes on $1 billion in deals!

With 754 deals and counting, Lyon Stahl closes on $1 billion in deals!

This notable accomplishment of growth and value has been driven by the commitment and excellence of Lyon Stahls’ agents and expert brokers. Our team is made up of 42 realtors and staff who specialize in a variety of services to meet the needs of a multitude of clients.

At the core of Lyon Stahls’ success is the commitment to shared advancement and a team approach communication database, which has been an onset priority. Maximizing advancement and profitability requires fostering an environment of collaboration where agents are emboldened and inspired to constantly create thriving success. To help guide our agents towards excellence and prosperity, Lyon Stahl is committed to delivering the best systems, comprehensive training, mentorship programs, marketing, and innovative technology solutions.

Lyon Stahl maintains a well-versed group of professional agents that possess extensive experience in both commercial and residential real estate investment. Our agents and results-driven brokers are influential leaders in the industry and have been instrumental in building the company’s success and growth from within. Our knowledgeable brokers and team of agents provide the highest level of service to multi-family property owners and investors.

Our services include but are not limited to: representing buyers and sellers, redevelopment and opportunities to add value, guidance through the 1031 exchange process, examining the best investment opportunities, as well as no obligation valuations.

Whether you are managing a large portfolio or looking to invest in your first property, we will accommodate you with unparalleled real estate market information, brokerage advisory, and financial guidance to help you achieve at your highest potential. We actively work towards easing all processes for our clients.

Our principal mission is to help our clients build and preserve long term wealth by providing sound advice, superior market knowledge, and expert analysis. To be able to fulfill our mission we need to guarantee the success of our agents and our teams. The success of our team attracts other talented and skilled professionals looking to join us, helping us grow and improving the companies overall profitability.

As more high achieving agents join the Lyon Stahl team, we have continued to maintain steady growth, leading us to be ranked #1 in the market for multifamily properties in the South Bay only within 3 years.

While this is a major milestone that we are immensely proud of and grateful for, it has only provided us with the drive to work harder and to push for more and more achievement. Our current success has simply positioned us for what’s next in the rapidly evolving real estate industry. We look forward to the upcoming years and maintaining a steady pattern of success for ourselves and our clients.