King Harbor & The Power Plant: Redondo Beach to Vote on Measure B

  • February 9, 2015
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King Harbor & The Power Plant: Redondo Beach to Vote on Measure B

For decades, people have been trying to eliminate the large Power Plant that stands large above Redondo Beach as the entrance to King Harbor.


During the March election, Redondo Beach residents will be given the chance to vote whether or not to blow down the 200 foot structure that has been in Redondo Beach for more than 50 years.

Measure B is the newest idea put forth by AES and former mayor Steve Aspel that would blow down the power plant and the harbor parking structures which would open up ocean views that we haven’t seen in a long time. In its place, build up to 5,000 homes and shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in a new highly desirable area called “Harbor Village.”

The former mayor claims that  “Harbor Village…allows (us) to turn our waterfront into the crown jewel of the South Bay, tranforming the site from exhaust stacks and 14 story industrial stuctures into a reasonable balance of family homes, shops, cafes, lofts and offices..

The initiative promises that the city and the community would be fully engaged with the development of the project and could help with the design and construction of Harbor Village. However, the plans are being met with a lot of resistance from the Redondo Beach residents who are fearful of restructuring the town so much so that it becomes infiltrated with new people and shopping malls.

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