Kickstart Week

  • January 22, 2019
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Kickstart Week


Lyon Stahl is starting 2019 off with our most aggressive competition yet!

Kickstart Week is a competition among Lyon Stahl agents to push agents to beat their old personal achievement records, encouraging them to start the year off strong and to continue to follow through on their efficient performance throughout the rest of the year!

Lyon Stahl encourages friendly competition because we believe that without it there is a higher likelihood of becoming stagnant and becoming stuck in the old ways we operate, making us too comfortable. Kickstart Week is designed to take agents out of their comfort zones, forcing them to work towards efficiency and great success.

Our agents know that by going out of their comfort zones and striving to beat old achievement records and setting new ones to beat in the future we train ourselves to routinely strive to be greater.

Through competitions like Kickstart Week, Lyon Stahl conditions agents to be hyper-focused on their goals and accomplishing those goals. We ensure the success of each individual agent because the successes of each agent translate to the overall success of our company as a whole.

Accountability and initiative are not new to the Lyon Stahl culture. We believe that setting goals are worthless without a plan of action that is continuously monitored. The foundation of the Lyon Stahl system is based on tracking and monitoring smaller, more manageable, tasks to guarantee to reach larger, more extensive, goals.

Winners of Kickstart Week, Corey Rasmussen and Duncan Backus, earned themselves a brand new Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Air Pods!  

Corey has always gone the extra mile and does whatever it takes to accomplish the best that he can. By starting the year off with this win Corey is excited to continue on his road of achievement. He is now, more than ever, motivated and dedicated to reaching his next goals.

Duncan regularly brings an imaginative mind to the real estate world. Duncan earned the win through a combination of enthusiasm and a strong work ethic, and he strives to continue his winning streak throughout the rest of the year.