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Inglewood Vote for NFL Stadium is Unanimous – Will Boost Inglewood Apartment Building Sales

  • February 25, 2015
  • News
Inglewood Vote for NFL Stadium is Unanimous – Will Boost Inglewood Apartment Building Sales

The Inglewood City Council has unanimously voted to approve the building of a 80,000 seat NFL Stadium that would most likely play host to the Rams. It was decided unanimously Tuesday night when city officials gathered and made speeches about the future of the city.  The official decision (which was 5-0) in favor resulted in loud cheering and led several Inglewood residents to stand up and chant “LA Rams. LA Rams”

The Mayor of Inglewood, James T Butts calls this “the best financial decision arrangement in the history of stadium deals in the country” and according to a consultant, within ten years, Inglewood’s budget will be increased by 18 million dollars per year.

The plans for the stadium are well underway and a group of architects and engineers are working hard to improve on the initial drawing of the stadium and plan. This should cause Inglewood apartment buildings for sale to skyrocket as the city begins a gigantic boom. There are plans for a cultural arts center and 2,500 new homes and apartments in Inglewood as well.

One longtime resident exclaimed “It’s going to put Inglewood back on the map and make it the City of Champions again (a name given to the city during the Showtime era of the Los Angeles Lakers).

There are still hurdles to the plan; there is a competing group attempting to work with the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders to re-locate those teams to a currently empty landfill in Carson, CA.

The Inglewood mayor, however, isn’t paying them any mind. He feels strongly that the Inglewood stadium plan is the brightest and has the best backing claiming, “When you’re running a race and you’re ahead, you don’t look behind you.”

At this time, no NFL team has filed to re-locate as the Raiders and Chargers are still fighting with their respective cities to build new stadiums in both Oakland and San Diego.

Given that the owner of the St Louis Rams is an important part of the Hollywood Park Land Co, the group responsible for building the stadium, the Rams seem the most logical choice to reclaim their old city.

According to an LA Times article, tickets to the stadium (which would be priced at base $140) will contain a 10 % sales tax. This would increase the property values of apartment buildings in Inglewood as the already prospering city becomes even higher on people’s wishlist.

We are confident that apartment buildings in Inglewood as well as homes, will positively benefit from this undertaking, due to the tax on tickets and excitement surrounding the area. Everyone wants to live in a city that wins. In a city that cares about its people as well as it’s sports glory. A City of Champions. That was Inglewood in the 1980’s, and if everything goes to plan, will be again.