1740 E Washington Ave & 5427 Rose Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805

1740 E Washington Ave & 5427 Rose Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805

Long Beach, CA

Property Description

Lyon | Stahl is pleased to present this excellent duplex, comprised of two homes on a lot, at 1740 E. Washington St., Long Beach and 5427 Rose Ave., Long Beach.

This beautiful asset in North Long Beach has one 2-bedroom/1.5 bath home (1740 E. Washington) and one 1-bedroom/1-bathroom home (5427 Rose Ave.), both receiving top of the market rents! Both units have been renovated, including the Rose Ave. home being taken all the way down to the studs. Upgrades include new plumbing, new bathrooms, and elegantly remodeled interiors. The interiors of the homes feature newly finished hardwood flooring, new countertops, new paint, dishwashers, and a lovely fireplace. In being taken down to the studs, Rose Ave. received a brand new roof, brand new electrical system, new gas lines, new meters, and a new air conditioning system! The property is beautifully landscaped, with colorful flower beds, stone walkways, and an outdoor patio/deck area.

This charming duplex is situated just blocks from the new “Uptown” development project in North Long Beach, that will occupy over 100,000 Sq.Ft. of space. The development will include five new restaurants, a full-service bank, as well as North Long Beach’s first craft beer hub. The design will serve as the centerpiece for North Long Beach. This is a perfect asset for any owner/user or buyer looking to own a piece of property in Southern California’s last affordable beach communities.

<strong>Investment Highlights:
</strong>• Located only blocks from the New Development of North Long Beach
• Property features beautiful hardwood flooring, new countertops, outdoor patio/deck area
• Both homes have been renovated (1-bedroom home taken all the way down to the studs)
• Upgrades include new roof, new gas lines, new meters, new air conditioning system, elegantly remodeled interiors
• Perfect owner/user opportunity that is already receiving top of the market rents


Property Features

  • Sale Price: $775,000
  • Area Size: 2,134 SF
  • Land Area: 8,471 SF
  • Year Built: 1955
  • Closing Date: 7/31/19
  • Units: 2
  • Current GRM: 14.03
  • Current Cap Rate: 4.71%
  • Market GRM: 13.89
  • Market Cap Rate: 4.78%

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