Lyon Stahl Triumphant Win at 2022 6-Man Volleyball Tournament in Manhattan Beach

Lyon Stahl Triumphant Win at 2022 6-Man Volleyball Tournament in Manhattan Beach

For the first time ever, Team Lyon Stahl was crowned Champs of this year’s Charlie Saikley 6 Man Beach Volleyball Tournament – a tournament that has been going on for over 43 years. This popular event takes place next to the Manhattan Beach Pier over the course of two days. 

The tournament is full of fun, sun, and competition bringing in as many as 50,000 attendees. Teams dress up in over-the-top costumes to compete in the game while the line for Shellback Tavern is flooding with partiers patiently waiting for fanta shots. It isn’t until Saturday when things really start to get serious as the competition begins to narrow down. After two days of competing in the hot Southern Californian sun, a new champion is named.  


Players not In order: Jonah Seif (UCSB), Devon Burki (UCSB), Joe Worsley (UH), Matt Marsh (UCSB), Clay Paulin (UCLA), Duncan Backus (UCSB), Oli Martin (UCLA), Henri Cherry (UCSB), Mike Fisher (UCLA), Karl Acres (LBCC), Mitch Stahl (UCLA and 2020 United States Olympian), Rowdy Lennon (UCSC), Davis Boehle (UCSB), Roy Mcfarland (UCSB), Casey McGarry (UCSB), Hayden Boehle (UCSB), Price Jarman (BYU), Parker Boehle (UCSB), Brett Lyon (Partner), Woody Stahl (Partner)


Lyon Stahl first competed in the 6 Man Volleyball Tournament back in 2018 where they were able to come in second place. This weekend, the Lyon Stahl team took home the big win. The team included Lyon Stahl’s very own Parker Boehle and Duncan Backus, along with Brett Lyon and Woody Stahl (Partners) joining in on the game. A special thank you to Out of System, a social media content company and volleyball podcast, along with everyone else who came out to show their support for the Lyon Stahl team.   

The Lyon Stahl team delivers a high level of focus both on and off the court. This combination of work and play is what ultimately leads to the company’s success. Lyon Stahl is extremely proud of their team’s accomplishments and are already preparing for next year’s tournament.