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Nico Rosmarin Featured in BisNow Article on Clippers Stadium

Nico Rosmarin Featured in BisNow Article on Clippers Stadium
Senior Associate, Nico Rosmarin

Lyon Stahl Senior Associate, Nico Rosmarin, was featured in BisNow’s article on the newly proposed Clippers stadium in Inglewood. In the piece, reporter Joseph Pimentel talks about the proposed stadium gentrifying the city of Inglewood, along with the NFL stadium, two new rail lines, and other “megaprojects.” A place once known for its crime rate is now becoming a city worth investing in, with proposed developments such as two large multifamily developments and a Hilton brand hotel.

Rosmarin, who has closed many multifamily deals in Inglewood over the past five years, has already seen a rise in cost per unit from $175k four years ago to $300k when the Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District was announced. Rosmarin predicts the nearby South Bay cities will benefit from the new developments as well. “This is a city on the up and up,” Rosmarin said. “It doesn’t have the same connotation it had several years ago. This is an area where professionals can come in and feel safe.”

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