Todd Lorio

  • October 18, 2018

I recently closed the sale of my 4-unit multi-family building in Redondo Beach with the help of Woody and Brett with great results. There were a ton of obstacles in my particular situation, which was a result of my divorce and they were 100% engaged and my advocates throughout the entire process. The result was that I got a very good price for my property and the reason I’m writing the recommendation letter.

I first became aware of Woody and Brett through the postcards they sent out with their listings. When it came time for me to find a realtor to work with on selling my building, they were one of a number that I called and requested a valuation. Out of the five packages I received, theirs was not only the nicest but the most comprehensive, and Woody suggested that he come to my home to go over it with me in detail. Over the course of the sale, which due to the contentious nature of the divorce lasted almost two years, Woody was always available to update the listing package or discuss the market or options.

When I was finally able to list the building, I chose Woody and Brett over not only other realtors who wanted the listing but over even family members who are also realtors. The experience and knowledge of multi-family dwellings and familiarity with the area were well above anyone else I had come across.

The sale itself was further complicated by my ex-wife, who had been residing in one of the units of the building. Despite court orders, she refused access for inspections and caused a number of delays that threatened the sale. Woody was not only always available, but his demeanor also was always professional and understanding throughout the almost three months it took to complete the sale. In fact, he even agreed to come to court, and his expertise and detailed documents were a crucial component in the judge’s decision to hasten the sale and avoid falling out of escrow.

Aside from the issues unique to my situation, the buyer’s inspection revealed a number of issues relating to the condition of the property. As often happens there was deferred maintenance and in addition, the building had some prior issues relating to deflection (or sloping) which required additional engineering inspections. Through all of this Woody did a great job of keeping what ended up being a very ‘concerned’ buyer engaged and excited about the property. He was always the ‘sellers advocate’ and presented me with options in all scenarios to maximize the price I could get for the property. In the end, we closed escrow with a price that I am very happy with.

I would without reservation recommend Woody and Brett to anyone interested in buying or selling residential investment real estate. They are very professional and approachable, incredibly responsive and above all, advocates for their clients. They also did a great job of keeping tenants happy throughout the process. Their knowledge and expertise coupled with their ability to manage buyers and potential buyers expectations resulted in the highest possible sales price for my property.