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Mr. Jackson

Mary McNally | Peterson Realty

  • October 18, 2018

I just had the pleasure of having Woody Stahl represent the buyer on my sale of multi-family units. I am an agent, so I’ve done this drill many times. I was selling my own property and wanted a quick, easy sale so that I could buy another property. I had several offers and selected the one represented by Woody — and was glad I did.

One of the things I appreciated about the offer was that Woody presented the entire picture of the buyer’s capability to close the sale successfully. He didn’t play games like some agents do, showing me just enough assets to prove the buyer could close escrow; he presented the entire strength of the buyer. It gave me confidence to enter escrow with them.

I also had a lot of confidence because I’ve seen the marketing that Woody has done for his clients over the last decade, so I know he does a lot of business and is experienced in multi-family transactions.

I had done an inspection on the property, so I could give them a pretty good picture of the condition of the property, and I stated that the sale was “as is” — as presented in the findings. With that info, Woody primed his clients for that, and the sale went as well as I could have hoped for.

Woody and his assistant made the whole process go extremely smoothly. Because I was out of town, they even served the tenants notice to enter and oversaw the inspection – which is doing part of my job for me as the listing agent.

I was doing a 1031 exchange, so I requested that we change some details of the sale after we initially agreed to them. Woody was easy to talk to — and more than just accommodating my request, he wanted to make sure that the details worked well for me. He was so cooperative and gracious, it was one of the more pleasant deals I have done.

The whole thing went really smoothly. I end up in a lot of transactions where the client or their agents have a lot of drama; but with Woody, there was absolutely no drama. Woody was calm, measured and professional through the whole thing. It was a pleasure working with him — and a success.