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Mr. Jackson

Kent Lewis

  • October 18, 2018

My partner and I owned three duplexes in the Venice-Santa Monica area. We wished to end the partnership and sell the properties. We interviewed several real estate agents and selected Mr. Woody Stahl as the best person for us. His command of the area, the relevant sales information and the method of putting the properties on the market were what we needed to do.

Mr. Stahl found us a buyer who offered a price but after some research found these units were not the ones for his purposes. He found a second buyer who made an offer with a time frame for the sale to take place. The sale involved steps in payment and would occur over a six month period of time.

He kept track and informed us about the timeline and each step of the process. The firm recommended and excellent escrow department. He made sure that both partners were informed, not an easy task.

The sale and complex paperwork were completed due to the constant care and guidance from Mr. Stahl. The transfer of equity and title to the third property was complex and took many steps to complete. Again, he kept everyone informed and made sure that the process resulted in a successful escrow.

His hard work, knowledgeable background, and excellent communication skills made this process a success for the two partners. I highly recommend Mr. Stahl and the Lyon-Stahl agency.