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Josh Barut

Broker Associate

“Buying the real estate, selling the real estate, is really just a byproduct of what I actually do. My job is to help you with a bigger problem you may have.” Whether it be the need to generate passive income, reduce management obligations, or create generational wealth, Josh is your vehicle to get there. This switch over to the commercial industry is not out of the blue or on a whim, he has been educating himself at UCLA Extension over the past year, learning from new friend and professional mentor, Todd Weaver, CPM, CCIM and he will continue his CRE Education at UCLA Extension for the foreseeable future. He secured a $1.8 million dollar listing on his 11th day and he is eager for more.

After a month in the Commercial Real Estate business, he now understands how savvy investors are able to create their empires. He knows it’s important to diversify and invest in stocks and bonds, as stocks provide value in capital gains and bonds provide a steady interest stream; however, investment real estate products offer an investor both. Timely transactions and exchanges offer immense upside in capital gains, all the while these income-producing properties generate a steady flow of passive income.

On the first day of his first CRE class at UCLA Extension, his professor Todd Weaver, CPM, CCIM said: “When you get enough experience in this business, the numbers will start to speak to you, much like music to a musician. It’s my goal to teach you that melody.” From that moment, he knew he was in the right place. Always having had an affinity for math and numeric formulas, he loves how, for the most part, an investment real estate product boils down to a series of numbers. He believes that his ability to break down those numbers through his understanding of Discounted Cash Flow modules, and subsequent terms like IRR, NPV, ROI, etc, will set him apart from other apartment brokers, and will ultimately put him in a position to run with the big dogs in the other 3 product types.

Moreover, over the last four years, he has built a great residential business, but he is shifting his focus and time completely to the commercial side. However, he is still in a position to help out friends, family, and qualified and motivated referrals on their residential transactions. The value Josh gets from these trades is less financial based and more about helping out the people that he cares about. Based on his residential resume, there should be no doubt or questions with regard to the job he will do.

He will continue his business working with Trust Attorneys, Professional Fiduciaries, and Asset Managers. Josh is well versed in the Trust Sale/Probate Sale processes and he will continue to prospect for this kind of clientele.