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Mr. Jackson

Harrison Hyde

Property Valuation Report

Contact me for a 40 page report that provides property owners with a comprehensive analysis of the value of their property.


Harrison Hyde

Associate Agent

With a father immersed in real estate for 30 years, Harrison has a firm background of how the industry works and what he can do to better serve his clients. He focuses on commercial and residential real estate in the Long Beach area, but—as a lifelong resident of Southern California—Harrison also possesses a strong knowledge of the surrounding counties. Although his laid-back personality connects well with those immersed in the California lifestyle, he also bonds instantly with his clients through his outgoing and straightforward nature. To Harrison, “It’s all about building lifelong relationships with clients.”

Building these relationships became a passion of Harrison’s long before his introduction into real estate. As an owner of a glass art business, he learned the intricacies of representing various buyers and sellers from all over the globe. These skills of negotiation, communication, and sales transferred effortlessly to Harrison’s knack for real estate, and it wasn’t long before others caught on. Referrals and word-of-mouth constitute a large part of Harrison’s clientele: the respect and personal attention his clients receive from him results in a trust that Harrison will always be there for his past, present, and future clients.

In addition to his affinity for real estate, Harrison also enjoys golfing, relaxing at the beach, and spending time with friends. You may even find him aiding clients in matters not related to real estate at all. As a whole, when it comes to a successful real estate experience, Harrison Hyde acknowledges the specific needs of individual clients and is not afraid to “take that extra step.”