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Charlie Rasmussen

Administrative Team

Charlie Rasmussen is the Director of Leads & Operations for Team Rosmarin at Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate. Charlie grew up in Pacific Palisades, California and has extensive experience in various sectors of the commercial real estate industry. He graduated from the University of Southern California, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Policy, Planning, and Development with a focus on Real Estate Development. While at USC, he worked for an attorney who specialized in landlord-tenant dispute cases and a commercial real estate developer who specialized in residential-retail mixed-use developments.

Upon graduating, Charlie worked for a real estate attorney in Santa Barbara, where he acquired a wealth of knowledge in transaction contracts, due diligence, CC&Rs, and various other aspects of real estate law. He then was mentored by a mortgage broker, who taught him how to prospect and develop new business partnerships. He utilized these new tools in order to assist the LA-based brokerage in opening a new branch in Northern California.

Moving on to the brokerage side of the commercial real estate industry, Charlie found his passion working at Lyon Stahl Investment Real Estate in 2016. He began with Lyon Stahl doing inside sales and then became an agent through Lyon Stahl’s Mentorship Program.

Now as the Director of Leads and Operations for Team Rosmarin, Charlie works directly with VP Nico Rosmarin, managing the lead coordination, business development, sales, client management, marketing, accounting, and various other aspects of their commercial real estate transactions.