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Our vibrant culture is what makes working at Lyon Stahl truly unique. Our people are passionate about real estate and driven to succeed in their careers as well as their personal lives. Our work environment is defined by a competitive and collaborative atmosphere with a focus on living a quality lifestyle. Many of our agents enjoy a morning surf session before work, or spending time in the office golf simulator in between prospecting. Immediately enjoy the benefits of networking, competing, and brainstorming with the top investment real estate agents in the business.

12-Week Training Program
Our 12-week training program covers one chapter of our handbook each week. This Lyon Stahl Handbook has been carefully put together through years of experience in the real estate industry. It also includes how we use our unique database and systems to make help our agents be as efficient as possible. During these meetings, we also discuss goal setting and accountability.

Lyon Stahl Handbook
Our proprietary agent manual is available only to Lyon Stahl agents. This handbook covers building your business, prospecting, marketing, valuations, working with clients, understanding contracts, and managing transactions.

Mentorship Program
Lyon Stahl mentors help guide junior agents through their first year in the industry. Mentors help juniors from their first day all the way through their first three deals. This allows junior agents to learn more rapidly and effectively, as their mentors can guide them away from mistakes that they may have made when they first started as an agent.

Careers at Lyon Stahl
Lyon Stahl was created with the belief that everyone can achieve greater results when surrounded by a team of like-minded, driven individuals. We take an innovative approach to the real estate business by combining proven success models with the cutting-edge technology. Our company offers a comprehensive database, a tiered commission structure based on performance, training and coaching for every stage of your career, and the reputation of an industry-leading company.

Coaching and Training
We provide top-quality training on prospecting calls, Salesforce, and transaction coordination. In these sessions, you will not only be observing how each is done, but you will be participating as well. Our interactive learning environment makes it easier for our agents to become experts in every aspect of real estate.

Using the most advanced real estate technology, we are able to create fun competitions between agents as well as our inside sales team. These competitions are not only enjoyable to the participants, but they are also geared toward helping each individual improve their own business. Prizes such as Apple Watches, Amazon Echos, AirPod headphones, and more create an even greater sense of competition and camaraderie amongst the team.


Come to work every day with people who inspire and encourage you to achieve your goals.


Visionary Award
Given to few new agents who hits the following milestone within their first 6 months: 10,000 prospecting calls; 12 listing appointments; 2 listings/escrows/closings

Summit Award
Given to few new agents who hits the following milestone within their first 6 months: 15,000 prospecting calls; 15 listing appointments; 3 listings/escrows/closings


Rookie Of The Year
Awarded to a first-year agent based on annual gross commision

Heavy Hitter
Awarded to the agent with the single largest closed transaction based on sales price

True Grit
Awarded to the agent with the most cold call contacts for the year

Alpha Mail
Awarded to the agent with the most mail pieces sent out that year

High Velocity
Awarded to the agent with the most closed transaction sides

Top Producer
Awarded to the top producer based on annual gross commission

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Come to work every day with people who inspire and encourage you to achieve your goals.