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Lyon Stahl has a reputation for being professional and efficient: we take the time to identify each buyer’s exact criteria. Our agents make sure each offer is competitive and has a better chance of being accepted. Having closed hundreds of all types of deals, our agents will make escrow an extremely smooth and stress-free process. Our administrative staff facilitates the closing process and oversees the transfer of utilities and keys. And post-close, we are more than happy to assist you with any guidance needed.

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Strategize and Discuss Investment Goals

We’ll sit down with you and discuss your exact criteria for an investment property in order to identify your best opportunities.

Identify the Property

With our vast database of sellers and knowledge of the real estate market, as well as additional resources, we’ll identify the correct investment for you.

Write a Competitive Offer

Each deal is unique; we consider your timeline, need for financing, and any other factors regarding a potential deal. We will write an offer that reflects your terms and gives you the
best possible advantage.

Opening Escrow

Having closed an extraordinary amount of properties, we have escrow down to a science. Our transaction coordinator helps make the escrow process as smooth as possible.


Our administrative staff will facilitate the closing process, as well as oversee the transfer of
utilities and keys and streamline all compliance.

Post Close

After the deal is finalized, we will be more than happy to assist you in finding a property
management company or any other guidance you may need. We look forward to working with you in the future!


247 W 12th St, San Pedro & 1565 W 207th St, Torrance

Sell two four-unit buildings and exchange them into one larger property with better cash flow.

Seller wanted to identify 1031 exchange up-leg before listing buildings on the MLS, LoopNet, and CoStar.

We included three 30-day extension options in the contract to allow the seller sufficient time to identify and secure a replacement property. Our entire team actively searched for suitable up-leg opportunities, surveying all available deals on and off the market.

A Lyon Stahl senior agent was able to find a buyer for both deals who was willing to accommodate the seller’s extension requests. The up-leg was an off-market deal presented by another senior agent. The seller successfully exchanged into a 12-unit building in Torrance that generated three times the total income of the relinquished properties.